Michael Christopher


Strawberry Wine

Michael Christopher - Strawberry Wine

Over the past year, Michael Christopher has included a fair amount of solo acoustic shows in his schedule.  In doing so, he played a bunch of new songs, among them being some new covers.  Michael explains: “One night at home I was playing guitar and randomly decided to play Deanna Carter’s classic, ‘Strawberry Wine.’ It felt kind of unique to put a man’s perspective on the song so I tried it out at a few shows, the first being a winery, ironically.  It went over really well so I just thought I’d try recording it with some session musicians in Nashville that I know. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out as it puts a new modern spin on the song while still keeping its iconic roots.”  You can stream Michael Christopher’s version of Strawberry Wine on platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. or Amazon Music.