Michael Christopher


Mix It Up

Mix It UpExciting news!  Here’s your chance for an exclusive listen at a brand new song from Michael Christopher called “Mix It Up”.

The song, a catchy sing-along tune with a modern rock vibe, represents the epitome of what fans have come to know and love about Michael’s music.

“It’s an edgy song about opposites attracting to each other.  The concept is the idea of mixing drinks paralleled with mixing personality types in a relationship.”

Michael co-wrote the song with Zach Reeder, with whom he’s penned many tunes over the years, as well Jennifer Adan, a seasoned songwriter most notable for her work on the number one hit “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”, recorded by Blake Shelton.

“This song really came naturally from a songwriting standpoint.  Both Zach and Jen connected well with the concept and understood what I was looking for from both a musical and lyrical standpoint.  It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.”

“Mix It Up” is the first track off of Michael’s brand new self-titled album, currently available at his shows everywhere.