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In his self-titled album, Michael Christopher worked with an exclusive group of hit songwriters and producers including Dennis D’Amico recording at Ronnie’s Place/Black River Entertainment Studios, and Grammy-Award winning engineer Jamie Tate at The Rukkus Room. The result is a twelve-song anecdote of life and love that not only displays Michael’s flexibility and ingenuity as a songwriter, but also expands the boundaries of the country music genre. The “Michael Christopher” album, which comes autographed, features the following tracks: 1. Mix It Up 2. Weeknight 3. Carnival Ride 4. The Boys of Summer 5. Looks Like Rain 6. I Wanna Hate You 7. Tread 8. Hot Damn 9. She Stood Out in the Crowd 10. Buckle Up 11. DNA 12. Champagne