Michael Christopher

We’ll Always Have Brooks & Dunn

Michael Christopher is releasing a surprise brand new single on Friday, April 5th. The song, titled “We’ll Always Have Brooks & Dunn”, is inspired by one of his major music influences. Reflecting on the influence of the country duo’s music on his own career, Michael says, “I always tell the story of how the song “Neon Moon,” which I first heard at a line dance club, led to my obsession of country music.” The song, recently recorded in Nashville, weaves in some of the country duo’s chart-topping song titles and themes alongside the storyline of a past love.

Brooks & Dunn have been a staple of the country music industry for years, continuing to remain relevant in a vastly changing genre of music. Their songs have touched fs of all ages with their relatable lyrics and their ability to modernize their sound without sacrifice their traditional roots. Michael has been a fan of B&D for years, and has had the concept for this type of song for quite some time.

“Their songs always tell a story,” he shares. “I have looked up to them as musicians and songwriters for a long time, and I’ve always wanted to write a song like this as a tribute to their influence on me as an artist.”

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    We'll Always Have Brooks & Dunn

    Michael Christopher